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Infinetix SmartMesh IP™ Services

Infinetix provides a broad range of services associated with the Linear Technology Dust Networks® SmartMesh IP™ technology.




SmartMeshNetworkThe SmartMesh® technology is a robust wireless sensor network methodology that is especially well suited to commercial and industrial applications in the emerging internet of things (IoT) marketplace. A SmartMesh® network consists of a self-forming, multi-hop mesh of sensor nodes (also known as motes) and a network manager that manages the mesh network and interacts through a host application to the internet for data aggregation and display. The SmartMesh® portfolio takes the form of two standards-based implementations: SmartMesh IP™ focusing on IP compatibility using the 6LoWPAN and 802.15.4e standards, and SmartMesh WirelessHART which complies with the IEC62591 WirelessHART standard.

SMGatewayInfinetix has built up significant expertise in the SmartMesh® arena and is well positioned to assist our customers in utilizing this technology. Infinetix has developed a set of pre-configured network gateway hardware and software solutions, along with an evaluation kit to assist in getting started with SmartMesh IP™. Included in the network gateway solution is a cloud-based web server, working with the gateway host application to provide network and data management. Click here to access a simple live network at the Infinetix facility.

Infinetix can also assist in the development of sensor modules, both in the hardware aspects and in the utilization of the on-chip software development kit for custom applications.

In addition, Infinetix provides a complete range of hardware and software expertise to adapt these solutions to a specific set of customer requirements. Please contact us at with any questions.

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