Mission and Values

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Mission Statement

INFINETIX provides embedded engineering services to enable our customers to succeed by providing quality engineering and innovative solutions.

Vision Statement

To successfully provide our customers with reliable and sustainable embedded engineering services.

Core Values

INFINETIX strives to uphold the following Core Values in our work:

  • Integrity

    We maintain long term relationships through trust, honesty and integrity. Being honest with our abilities and customer expenditures is critical. Our customers’ success is our success!

  • Collaboration

    Engineering and product development require collaboration. When you hire INFINETIX, you are hiring a team with extensive experience in diverse areas of expertise. We can work with your engineers, other contractors, or as your complete development team.

  • Continuous Improvement

    As technology and processes are always changing, we strive to improve and enhance our skill sets. We provide the opportunity for our employees to learn new technologies that interest them and benefit the company. We examine and adopt new processes that allow us to better support our customers and employees.

  • Customer Commitment

    INFINETIX is committed to supporting our customers throughout a product’s lifecycle. Since our founding in 1994, we have provided product development and long-term support for many customers, with some relationships lasting over 25 years.