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I have an existing team of engineers working on a project and need additional resources temporarily.

Infinetix can provide one or more temporary engineers or technicians to assist with your project. It’s best to make sure there is enough work to cover the onboarding costs of a new team member, but since we are often placed on new teams already underway, our engineers adapt quickly to new working environments.

If you are local we can often work on-site, though we have no issues working remotely and keeping in constant contact. We often work with teams around the globe and while our working hours do differ, we make changes for scheduled meetings that are convenient for all parties.

I have a prototype or an idea and need help getting to the next step.

The product development lifecycle varies based on funding. We can help you gauge the cost of an initial prototype or an alpha build. We can keep costs lower by relying on more off-the-shelf components which increase per-unit cost but lower initial development. Typically once a working prototype has been proven viable, you can seek additional investor funding to get to a production version.

We do not assist with finding funding or evaluating the market for your product. Simply put, that’s not our expertise. We specialize in product development so that you have every opportunity of being successful.

I have an inexperienced engineering team that needs guidance and/or mentoring.

Infinetix’s senior staff has decades of industry experience. We can help an inexperienced team grow by instruction and through leading by example. Infinetix can provide project management or work alongside your organization’s leaders to improve your engineering processes.