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At INFINETIX, our slogan is “Concept through Production”. From an initial vision to a final deliverable, our embedded engineering expertise can help at every stage of the process.

A Concept always begins with an idea. Our goal is to implement this idea and offer the resources to develop the hardware and software components for the vision. We help identify power and functionality requirements to begin building a proof-of-concept. With early prototyping through off-the-shelf development boards, we can quickly offer a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to showcase technology feasibility to investors.

Next, we begin custom hardware layout and additional software development. In this phase, the printed circuit board (PCB) is designed to fit the space constraints while the software is programmed for the production circuitry. Once the final PCB is completed, we confirm all parts are functioning correctly through a small, limited production run. After our in-house testing, we encourage our customers to verify the hardware and software meet their high standards.

Once the product has passed testing, Production can begin. INFINETIX remains on standby to offer bug-fixes and software updates as needed. When parts are out of stock, we leverage our vendor and supplier relationships to track down replacements.

When technology evolves and customer requirements change, it may be time to update the product. If a design refresh is needed after 5 years, 10 years or 30 years, INFINETIX is always available to begin the engineering process over again.

Beyond new product development, our engineers are available to support design efforts at any stage. We have successfully integrated within many larger engineering teams to offer our experience wherever it is required. Whether facing tight deadlines or requiring specialized expertise like FPGA development, INFINETIX is always willing to help from “Concept through Production”