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Analog Devices

INFINETIX is a Member of the Analog Devices SmartMesh Partner Program.

Evergreen Bioscience Innovation

Infinetix is a member of the Evergreen Bioscience Innovation Cluster.


INFINETIX is a member of the Intel Partner Alliance.


INFINETIX is a supporting member of the Inland Northwest Aerospace Consortium.

Johnston Engineering

INFINETIX has teamed up with Johnston Engineering on multiple jobs which require mechanical engineering in addition to electrical and software engineering services.

sp3nw - Giving Life to Science

INFINETIX has partnered with sp³nw to provide custom electronic design, FPGA/ASIC development, embedded firmware and software development services to sp³nw companies.

TATE Technology

INFINETIX works closely with TATE Technology to ensure a successful prototype build and a clean hand-off to full production.

XILINX Alliance Program Certified

INFINETIX is a Certified Alliance Member in the Xilinx Partner Program.