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What kind of business are you?

INFINETIX is a consulting/contracting business for engineering services and product development. We design printed circuit boards (schematics and layout), write custom firmware that runs on the boards and software applications to interact with them. We also source board components and work with you to get your PCB manufactured by a contract manufacturer (CM). We do not do high-volume production, however, we will build a few prototype units in-house, which are used to confirm a design works before going into production. See our Case Studies

Who Owns the source files/code/IP/design files/etc of the work you do?

As long as you are in good standing with your bill, you retain ownership of all design files, source files, etc that pertain to your product. Keep in mind that we often have re-usable pieces of code or designs that are used in your product, we retain the copyright on those pieces, but that does not preclude you from using and modifying them yourself.

How do we share files or collaborate?

The choice is up to you. If your company has its own repositories and data sharing technologies, we are happy to use your preferred methods.

If your company does not have anything in place or you do not grant outside companies access to your repositories, we can host internal, secured, SVN and GIT servers that we grant you access to. Each company has their own secure repository which is separate from any other company. All of our repositories are backed-up both on-site and off-site.

For virtual meetings, INFINETIX uses a variety of tools including Google Chat, Dialpad, Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

Can you work with other contractors?

Absolutely! Our focus is always on the end-goal, your product/application. We often work with other contractors, especially for services we don’t offer internally, but even with existing contractors who know your product. See our Case Studies.

Can you help address supply chain issues?

INFINETIX works with multiple suppliers to source parts. We specialize in the design and redesign of custom PCBs to address supply chain issues.


For the safety of our employees and clients, INFINETIX will comply with state and CDC guidelines.