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Nonin OEM III Module

The Nonin OEM III module is a robust, quick-to-market solution for embedded medical applications requiring pulse oximetry calculations. This past summer, Infinetix had the opportunity to evaluate this Nonin module in an innovative medical product for a local startup.

SiTime: Custom frequencies in Minutes Vs Weeks

In the world of rapid development one area that is difficult to speed up is the area of custom crystals and oscillators. Historically the lead times on these have been between 8 and 16 weeks, even for samples.  Chrystals based oscillators just take a long time to grind down and tune. That reality of engineering…

Microchip: Long Live the 8-Bit

Microchip has been very acquisition-hungry as of late, recently purchasing Atmel among many others.  While their product line expands, the most noticeable might be the merging of the two largest 8-bit microcontroller providers.  The PIC Micro and the AVR are now owned by Microchip and both have a stronghold in the industry and in the maker community.  The most…

SmartMesh IP Cape Device Tree

Infinetix has designed a SmartMesh IP™ Gateway system utilizing a BeagleBone Black (BBB) single board computer and a custom designed add-on board (known as a cape in BeagleBone nomenclature) built around the Linear Technology’s SmartMesh IP™ technology In the BeagleBone Black ecosystem, each cape needs a means to determine pin definition and usage. This is…