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Nonin OEM III Module

The Nonin OEM III module is a robust, quick-to-market solution for embedded medical applications requiring pulse oximetry calculations. This past summer, Infinetix had the opportunity to evaluate this Nonin module in an innovative medical product for a local startup.

The OEM III stands out for two main reasons: accuracy and ease-of-use. For accuracy, the OEM III has been rigorously tested in FDA-verified studies. For ease-of-use, the OEM III presents a simple, continuous serial output. Based on resister combinations, the OEM III can detect which serial packet format is desired. Then, after power is applied, pulse oximetry packets are sent continuously for consistent data delivery to a microcontroller. Within minutes, a Nonin OEM III can be up and running with heart rate, SpO2 data and pleth values for displaying live heart readings.

When combined with a Nordic nRF52832, a small Bluetooth microcontroller designed for low power, and a phone app, the Nonin OEM III can become a portable heart rate monitor. By securely broadcasting the data to a phone, the mobile app is able to display advanced data visualization. This basic connection from Nonin (for sensor processing) to Nordic (for data delivery) to mobile application (for data visualization) is able to stand alone or be integrated into a greater, interconnected health monitoring system.

There are a few design considerations needed for the Nonin OEM III. Some considerations are: space constraints, pulse sensor limitations, and operating temperature specifications. In a large solution, an extra chip dedicated to pulse calculations may be easily justified for FDA-certified accuracy. However on a small embedded wearable, consider the space available on the PCB. If the desired size is too small, integrating the sensor analysis and data delivery into a single chip may be necessary. Another cost of using the Nonin OEM III is the limited compatability with existing optical sensors. Since the OEM III is specifically designed to work with other Nonin products, it is recommended to choose a pulse monitoring sensor from Nonin as well. Lastly, as a module that is only supported down to 0 degrees Celsius, it is important to properly insulate the OEM III chip and verify correct readings occur if the embedded solution will be used outdoors.

Overall, the Nonin OEM III is a simple, intuitive module for quickly including pulse oximetry into your product. See the links below for more information regarding the Nonin OEM III:

Nonin OEM III Specifications

Note: This post is not sponsored or endorsed by Nonin Medical, Inc. OEM III is a registered trademark of Nonin Medical Inc.