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Infinetix has developed a gateway application to interact with the mesh network and to act as a web server. The gateway application is a custom C routine running in an embedded Linux environment on the BeagleBone Black. The functionality of the application is to provide basic visibility to the local mesh network via the SmartMesh® API as displayed through a local web server as well as to post collected data from the mesh network to an external cloud-based web server.

The Ubuntu Linux operating system on the BeagleBone Black in the gateway system can be configured to autostart this application upon booting.

The local web server uses JSON, jquery, and knockout javascript methodology to provide a basic web interface to the SmartMesh® network. Some detail on the three tabs in the web interface is shown below.

First for the Sensor Setup Tab


This page displays the basic sensor information: name, MAC, access point, and operational status. The Scan button does the following:

  • Executes the API getMoteConfig command to gather information on all the links in the network. This information is displayed on this web page.
  • Pulls the names associated with the motes in the network off of the external web server. These are displayed in the Mote Name field.
  • Executes the build links function which uses the API getMoteLink command to build up the network link information.

This network link information is pushed to the external web server.

Next looking at the Ping Motes Tab


This page updates and displays information that is gathered by the API pingMote command.

  • The Update button starts a loop that pings all of the motes in the network as determined in the Sensor tab, displaying the returned information.
  • The Restart button does the following:
    • Sends the Hello packet to the manager to initiate a new session.
    • Clears any internal flags associated with the ping loop


Finally looking at the Mote Data Tab


This page displays the current data payload from the active sensor modules. Selected data from these payloads are processed and posted to the external server.

Click this link for more detail on the external server, which provides cloud-based services (data aggregation, visualization, and network management) for Infinetix SmartMesh® Gateway devices.

Infinetix provides a complete range of hardware and software expertise to adapt these solutions to a specific set of customer requirements. Please contact us at for more information on these products and our development capabilities.


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