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The Linear Technology Dust Networks® group has developed a python based system management application called DustLink. Infinetix has ported this application to the SmartMesh® Gateway system.

From the DustLink application start page-

DustLink is a web-based SmartMesh IP™ management system with the following features:

  • Connects to an arbitrary number of SmartMesh IP™ managers.
  • Gathers and displays information about motes, managers and networks.
  • Displays the topology of the low-power wireless mesh networks.
  • Stores and displays sensor data from arbitrary applications.
  • Monitors the health of all connected networks.
  • Bridges to the Xively cloud service as well as Google Spreadsheet to publish data.
  • Uses advanced privileges for fine-grained user access management.


Here are a couple of screenshots from the DustLink application. The first shows the display for a simple one manager, one mote network.


As shown, the user can ‘mouse’ over one of the devices in the network for a partial look at the status.


The next image shows the detailed status for the same mote in this system at one point in time.


The Ubuntu Linux operating system on the BeagleBone Black in the gateway system can be configured to autostart the DustLink application upon booting.

Please contact the Linear Technology Dust Networks group for more information on the DustLink application. See also the DustLink Users Guide for more detail on the DustLink software.


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