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TE Connectivity

A group of us just had a working lunch with Arrow Electronics and TE Connectivity. TE is one of those companies some people in the industry may not have heard of, but they know of their subsidiaries: Tyco Electronics, AMP, Corcom, etc. Their breadth and depth of product is quite impressive: antennas, connectors, EMI filters, relays, cable assemblies, etc.

TE also offers testing and design services for very specific areas of expertise that most engineering firms don’t necessarily have in-house. One of which is custom antenna design and manufacturing, with so many products being engineered with radio connectivity, this is a terrific value-add for them. They also offer ESD testing and RF line filter calibration.

For ‘connector-geeks’ like us, one of the more interesting pieces we saw was their new IP68 Waterproof Micro USB 2.0 Connector. This connector has a very solid and gratifying click when engaged.  The USB Type-C connectors were very refreshing to see too as well. Our children will never know the frustration with flipping a USB cable 3 times to plug it in.

TE has a great product line and we’re always happy when they stop by to show us the latest.