Burke Norton

Burke has over thirty years of experience designing firmware for embedded systems and software applications in Windows. Since joining Infinetix in 2001, his work has focused on embedded firmware for radio communications, interprocessor communications, peripheral device interfaces, distributed time management, GPS interfaces and remote diagnostics in a variety of multi-threaded, real-time environments. His ability to bridge departmental boundaries and attention to detail make him highly effective at solving problems that span multiple system components and development teams. For the past several years, Burke has provided project management for customers in the utilities and health care industries. His tasks included managing developer resources, planning projects, creating and tracking schedules, writing design and requirements specifications, design reviews, collaborating with multiple teams and supporting clients. Projects to which he has contributed include fixed network AMI (smart meter) and AMR meter reading systems, mobile AMR meter reading systems, clinical chemistry analyzers, a veterinary analyzer, laboratory information system interfaces, patient barcode label scanning and printing systems, an electronic test directory for medical laboratories, and websites for several businesses and non-profit organizations. Burke has an extensive background with C and C++ in eCos (an RTOS), DSP/BIOS, Linux, and Windows. He also has experience with Visual Studio, TFS, Eclipse, SQL Server, UML and HTML. Burke is a shareholder and director at Infinetix. Prior to this, he spent seven years as an owner of Fifth Element Software where he developed products for the health care industry.
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INFINETIX has joined the Evergreen Bioscience Innovation Cluster

INFINETIX has joined the Evergreen Bioscience Innovation Cluster. Their mission is “To make Washington State and the Mountain Northwest a magnet for companies providing and consuming expert life and health science contract research, development, and manufacturing services of medicines and medical devices, by enhancing workforce development and services to pharmaceutical and medical devices companies.”