Infinetix offers a wide variety of services to meet your engineering needs. We work with our customers in developing solutions from initial concepts, to developing specific requirements, to delivering system prototypes, with a final result of production ready products.

  • Electronic Design
    Our Electronic Design service include analog, digital and RF components. We can design around a simple microcontroller or a complete microprocessor with external memory and power management IC (PMICs). Layout as simple as 2 layer throughole or as complex as 16 layer high frequency boards
  • Software/Firmware
    Software and Firmware make up a large portion of our development work at Infinetix. Our Software Engineers have a wide and deep knowledge of varying software architectures. Our curiosity is always driving us to learn new design patterns and software frameworks to make us more efficient at producing…
    Infinetix engineering staff has 20 plus years in designing systems with field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) and application specific integrated circuits (ASICs). A core competency is the implementation of signal processing blocks in FPGA and ASIC hardware.
  • DSP and Control Systems
    Digital Signal Processing (DSP) can range from simply filtering for a sensor to full Software Defined Radios (SDR) or complex video signal processing like those found in 3D televisions. Infinetix has experience in a variety of domains and can apply our knowledge and expertise to design an optimal…
  • Wireless Systems
    As technology continues to evolve (for example the expanding discussion of the Internet of Things), one common aspect is the inclusion of wireless technologies. With our wide range of engineering skills, Infinetix is well positioned to help our customers sort though and take advantage of these emerging technologies…
  • Mobile Development
    Custom Embedded Android implementations, business apps for iOS or Android.
  • Web/Network Development
    Embedded Web Server Development has been provided using off the shelf Embedded Network Processors as well as Custom Embedded Web Servers. Work has been done to support both the front-end (Web Interface) and back-end (Server Interactions).
  • Project Management
    Need help managing your project? Infinetix can provide assistance whatever your needs are. We offer services from writing requirements specifications all the way through product testing and release. We work with each client on an individual basis to assess your needs and create a plan to help you…
  • Manufacturing
    Infinetix offers full prototype and small production run assembly and manufacturing services for SMT and thru-hole designs. If your product requires the services of high volume or off-shore contract manufacturing we can assist you in the transfer and ramp-up at an appropriate manufacturing partner. Our product documentation packages…