Since its inception in 1994, Infinetix has worked on a variety of products in multiple industries. A list of successful products includes:

Wireless Meter Reading Products for Electric, Gas and Water Utilities
Robotic Chemistry Analysis Systems
Metallurgical Fracture Detection Systems
Environmental Control Systems
Distributed Sensor Networks
Digital Signal Processing Applications
iOS and Android Applications for Monitoring Control Systems
iOS Bluetooth Application for Monitoring and Configuring Sensor Banks
iOS Application for Manufacturing and Automated Manufacturing Test
iOS Application for Accessing Patient Records
Laser Based Pico Projector Systems
Oven/Stove Control Systems
Optical Imaging Systems
Video Processing Systems
Display Systems
OEM PC Motherboards

Battery Monitor Systems for Small and Large Capacity Cell Arrays
Very High Current Monitors for Industrial Applications
Large Capacitor Arrays for Power Systems
Serial-to-Ethernet Adapter Powered over Ethernet (POE)
Real-Time Monitoring of Fuse/Breaker Panel Arrays
Home Automation Stereo Equipment
Video/Audio Broadcast Station Real-Time Monitor and Control Equipment
Image Digitizing for Film Archival Equipment
Record Storage and Retrieval Applications
Remote Security Systems
Precision Weight and Temperature Measurement Equipment
Physical Training and Therapy Equipment
Peltier Heating and Cooling Systems
A/D and D/A Sub-Systems
Stepper Motor and DC Motor Control Sub-Systems
Thermal Measurement and Control Systems

We can't talk about every project due to Non-Disclosure Agreements, however here are some projects we did on our own time or have been given permission to discuss.

  • Distributed Audio
    In which a Beagle Bone Black is used to operate a distributed audio system using only off the shelf components and software....