Web/Network Development

Web/Network Development

Infinetix provides web and networking related development services for a host of different platforms.  Network programming allows for a wide variety of devices to communicate over a common interface, namely TCP/IP or UDP/IP.  Many of our devices run custom socket implementations and custom web servers to provide a simple user interface, or a RESTful API.

Cloud Computing

Our Engineers have experience developing on BaaS (Back-end As A Service) systems such as Parse and Microsoft Azure ASP.net Web Services, in addition to IaaS (Infrastructure As A Service) providers like AWS E2C (Amazon Web Services Elastic Cloud Computing) and Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines. The collection of Cloud Based services is growing daily and Infinetix works hard to stay ahead of the curve.

Front End / Client Side

With the aid of Graphic Designers, Infinetix can build functional front end pages utilizing best-practice standards for HTML5, AJAX, JSON, XML, and JavaScript.  We take advantage of powerful frameworks such as Prototype, jQuery, YUI, Knockout.js, etc.  Some of the front end systems we've developed include:

  • Real-time device monitoring and control
  • Device configuration, form data input and validation
  • User registration
  • Service subscription management
  • Custom macro editor
  • Highly configurable scheduling configuration
  • Audio equalizer configuration with presets


Back End / Server Side

For embedded devices such as Lantronix or lwIP the server side code is written in C and normally provides JSON object manipulation.  For Apache servers we tend to stick with PHP or C if it's a smaller Linux system not capable of running a PHP interpreter.  Using established frameworks such as Symfony, Doctrine, twig, etc allows for easy maintenance and portability.

As the workhorse for most web development, our backend work includes the following:

  • Mapping of internal data structures to JSON objects and back again
  • Third-party service integration (Chargify, etc)
  • Data aggregate from multiple sources
  • SQL and SQLite intergration
  • User Access Control


Network Programming

Outside of the HTTP realm exists a vast ecosystem of established network protocols.  Our socket programming experiences traverses multiple platforms, including Windows C#/.NET, Linux/C, lwIP, CMX, Android, iOS, OS X, and eCos.

We're no stranger to the WWW Consortium (W3C) or Request For Comment (RFC) documents.  Infinetix employees have written complete implementations of the following protocols:

  • HTTP/S: POST, GET, cookies, caching, compression
  • SNMP V1, V2C, and V3 with AES/DES and SHA/MD5
  • DNS
  • SMTP with TLS authentication
  • DHCP, server and client
  • NetBIOS/UPnP
  • NTP, server and client



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