Mobile Development

Mobile Development

iOS/Android App Development

Infinetix provides both iOS/Android application development services.  We've created apps for the following domains:

  • Agriculture Climate Control
  • Patient Medical Record and Imaging
  • Hardware Manufacturing Programming and Test
  • Device Configuration over WiFi and Bluetooth

Our Software Engineers have years of experience with low memory and limited resource environments lending themselves to be exceptional app developers.

If you're adding Bluetooth capabilities to your device and need to support iOS then you will need to go through Apple's MFI Program.  We have experience designing Made For Apple Bluetooth hardware and app integration.


Custom Android

While Android and traditional embedded Linux share a kernel, they have little else in common.  Infinetix can customize Android to run on your platform and expose your custom hardware to the app Service Layer.

Android is not just for platforms with a touchscreen.  We've added Android to exercise equipment and have even run it in headless system (systems without a screen).  Take advantage of the portability of Android apps as well as the extensive Android libraries by embedding Android into your next system.

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