DSP and Control Systems

DSP and Control Systems

Digital Signal Processing

Digital Signal Processing (DSP) can range from simply filtering for a sensor to full Software Defined Radios (SDR) or complex video signal processing like those found in 3D televisions.  Infinetix has experience in a variety of domains and can apply our knowledge and expertise to design an optimal solution for your product.  Some of our past designs have included:

  • Dedicated Digital Signal Processors, FPGAs, MCUs
  • Filtering/Transformations: IIR, FIR, FFT, DFT
  • In-house developed FPGA CORDIC
  • Modulation/Demodulation
  • Video Image Processing
  • Windowing, Correlation, Multirate Sampling
  • Wireless Communication


Control Systems

Control systems also have a wide range of applications from oven temperature control to complex motion control and robotics.  Our experience includes:

  • PID Controllers
  • Custom Linear and Non-Linear control
  • Environmental Control Systems
  • Motion Control Systems
  • Manufacturing Process Monitoring and Control
  • Oven/Stove Control Systems



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