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Infinetix has established itself as the engineering solution for new designs and the redesign of existing products.

Since 1994, the engineering group at Infinetix has been servicing major electronics manufacturers throughout the Northwest. We specialize in embedded controller designs to streamline existing products or provide new cost effective solutions to the electronics industry. 

By including mechanical engineering expertise, Infinetix is positioned well to handle your new product ideas including; enclosures, control panels, electronics, printed circuit boards, packaging and all documentation necessary for production.

Recent experience includes complete development of products designed for the medical industry, both patient monitoring and medical lab equipment, along with entries in the utility industry for automatic collection of water/gas/electric meter data. Digital signal processing, mobile apps for iOS and Android, distributed sensor networks, laser projectors, battery charging systems, metallurgical fracture detection systems, image processing applications and a variety of industrial monitoring and control systems are only part of our varied background. See our Projects page for a more complete list of projects that we’ve worked on.

Infinetix takes advantage of the latest technologies and tools for new product development, while at the same time providing continuity for its customers with a 24 year history and long term product support.

What we do

There are lots of options when designing your next product.  We can help you choose the appropriate hardware and software platforms to best meet your needs.  We focus on Time to Market, Engineering Effort, Quality and Production Costs to help you succeed.
From conception to production or anywhere in between our engineers can fill whatever gap your company needs.  Our engineers can design your next circuit, perform board layouts, write accompanying firmware/software or anything else required.
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our work team

Bruce WeyrauchBruce WeyrauchPresidentElectrical Engineer
Bruce has over thirty years experience in electrical engineering design including instrumentation, digital signal processing, control systems, and embedded systems. Fifteen years have been spent primarily in the biomedical industry in the development of automated clinical chemistry systems as Director of Electrical Engineering Development at the MicroChemical Division of Instrumentation Laboratory. He spent seven years as President of Spectrum Systems Inc., (SSI) where he helped design and build the ACE clinical analyzer system from contracts with Miles Inc. and Schiapparelli Biosystems. He is author or co-author of more than fifteen US patents. Bruce has been President of Infinetix since 1994 and worked on a wide variety of embedded systems for many different products.
Leon SchmidtLeon SchmidtVice PresidentElectrical Engineer
Leon has forty years in the electronic industry working in all phases of manufacturing and design. He was a Senior Electrical Technician and Electronics Instructor at Tektronix in Portland, Oregon for several years before going to Instrumentation Laboratory for ten years. As a Senior Electrical Technician at IL, Leon gained extensive research and development experience on automated clinical chemistry systems. During this period he also completed his degree in electrical engineering. As an electrical engineer for Spectrum Systems Inc., he helped design the electrical systems for the ACE clinical analyzer system. He has also distinguished himself by developing several innovative electronic devices including one of the first portable LED digital signs. He is the author of several technical magazine articles and author or co-author of more than five US Patents. Leon has been Vice President of Infinetix since 1994 and remains active in the design of products in a number of technical markets.
Kalman HevessyKalman HevessyTechnician
Kalman was a Senior Electronic Technician at Spectrum Systems, Inc. from 1991 to 1994 before coming to Infinetix. During this time Kalman has become proficient in many CAD programs such as AutoCad, OrCad Layout and Capture, and has become quite adept in the programming of embedded controllers in the Microchip PIC line of processors. Kalman works with engineers in the design of multi-layer printed circuit boards and prepares fabrication and assembly drawings for production.
Dan CutlerDan CutlerSoftware Engineer
Dan has over thirty years of experience in research and development of electro-mechanical control systems, embedded microprocessor systems, statistical analysis of experimental data, application of digital signal processing algorithms including Fourier Transforms and image processing algorithms. His experience includes development of multitasking operating systems for micro controllers and the PC platform, distributed processing software, and DOS, Windows, and Linux applications. Projects to which he has contributed include cosmic-ray detectors, laser measuring devices, ultrasonic inspection tools, blood chemistry analyzers, large robotics systems, vision systems, barcode equipment, pellet stove controllers, CNC machine controls, surface tension measurement, controls for a rolling mill, specialized keyboards, and camera-based label reading. Because of his physics, chemistry, and mathematics training, Dan is especially good at integrating hardware with software and resolving system problems involving a variety of disciplines.
Gary EberspecherGary EberspecherTechnician
Gary worked at Instrumentation Laboratory for two years as an electronics technician building, testing, and repairing automated blood chemistry analyzers. Gary then spent seventeen years as an electronics technician at ISC performing diagnostics, repairing, and upgrading computer peripheral components for over fifty products as well as two years in Quality Assurance, assisting engineers with failure analysis. At Infinetix, Gary assembles and debugs "one of a kind" engineering projects. He also tests, calibrates, and repairs short production runs of new products.
Erik MuhsErik MuhsElectrical Engineer
Erik makes use of his BSEE converting schematics into bills of materials. Having another engineer work with your schematics, after the designer sign off, adds another layer of bug trapping to the Infinetix design process. Erik's perspective is from the component viewpoint, which is different from the designer's functionality viewpoint. This reveals points that can be addressed before the project ever reaches its first physical prototype. Erik's step also serves to capture footprint errors before the design reaches the PCB layout process. Erik's programming abilities enable him to automate some aspects of the bill of material creation thereby reducing time requirements from days to hours and that saves customer money. These improvements also eliminate transcription errors when copying vendor part information into the bill of materials. Erik also performs as production manager when we are asked for small production runs. Responsibilities include procurement of all necessary materials: electronics, hardware, sheet metal, etc. Meeting scheduled timeline goals is a part of this work too. During these production runs Erik operates our batch soldering machine. WORK HISTORY: From 1988 to 1998 Erik served the analytical chemistry industry. During 1999 at Infinity Sports Marketing, Erik worked as a project manager and field engineer installing large LED video scoreboards. In the later part of 1999 Erik worked as a contract analytical chemistry technician. 2000 to present - Erik works as a component engineer and production manager. With a BSEE, Erik brings a level of knowledge to the purchasing department that benefits clients through reduction of unnecassary part purchases.
Burke NortonBurke NortonDirectorSoftware Engineer
Burke has over thirty years of experience designing firmware for embedded systems and software applications in Windows. Since joining Infinetix in 2001, his work has focused on embedded firmware for radio communications, interprocessor communications, peripheral device interfaces, distributed time management, GPS interfaces and remote diagnostics in a variety of multi-threaded, real-time environments. His ability to bridge departmental boundaries and attention to detail make him highly effective at solving problems that span multiple system components and development teams. For the past several years, Burke has provided project management for customers in the utilities and health care industries. His tasks included managing developer resources, planning projects, creating and tracking schedules, writing design and requirements specifications, design reviews, collaborating with multiple teams and supporting clients. Projects to which he has contributed include fixed network AMI (smart meter) and AMR meter reading systems, mobile AMR meter reading systems, clinical chemistry analyzers, a veterinary analyzer, laboratory information system interfaces, patient barcode label scanning and printing systems, an electronic test directory for medical laboratories, and websites for several businesses and non-profit organizations. Burke has an extensive background with C and C++ in eCos (an RTOS), DSP/BIOS, Linux, and Windows. He also has experience with Visual Studio, TFS, Eclipse, SQL Server, UML and HTML. Burke is a shareholder and director at Infinetix. Prior to this, he spent seven years as an owner of Fifth Element Software where he developed products for the health care industry.
Karen SodorffKaren SodorffLayout
Karen has over thirty years of experience in PCB Design using Dos and Windows Cadstar Layout and Capture, Orcad Layout and Capture, Allegro, CAM350 and AutoCAD . Karen works with electrical, mechanical and manufacturing engineers designing through-hole and surface mount, SSML, digital, analog and RF multilayer printed circuit boards. She also generates the necessary documents for fabrication and assembly. Karen worked for Key Tronic Corp for 12 years before taking a position at Advanced Input Systems (Esterline) where she designed boards used in cat scans, ultra sound, and other medical equipment applications. She spent 14 years with AIS and has currently been with Infinetix for 10 years.
Ben AndersonBen AndersonSoftware Engineer
Ben has been a Software Engineer with Infinetix since 2005. He has worked on many different projects from graphical C++ application to microcontrollers but his majority of experience has been in Embedded Linux. His Linux work since 2005 consist of many aspects of the system development which includes board bringup, application development, Kernel drivers and test applications. Ben has worked on several platforms but has the most experience working on ARM based systems with focus on TI and Freescale SoCs. He has worked with many Linux build systems including Openembedded, Yocto, Timesys, and Montavista. In Ben’s spare time he loves to work with microprocessors and design PCB’s. He loves learning new things and has lately been working with low power transceivers.
Ken FarrKen FarrDirectorSoftware Engineer
Ken has been a Software Engineer with Infinetix since 2006 working on a large variety of projects. From bare metal 8-bit microcontrollers to multi-core embedded Linux systems, Ken loves organizing bits into functional firmware. His hardware experience includes PicMicro, MSP430, PSoC, ARM7, ARM-Cortex and x86 based systems. Software wise, Ken's specialties revolve around the networked world. Having spent a considerable amount of time writing embedded networking protocols for SNMP, SMTP, NTP, DNS, DHCP, SSH, HTTP(s), NetBios and others, Ken is more comfortable reading an RFC than Shakespere. After traversing the lower levels of the OSI stack, Ken likes to pair some HTML5 and CSS3 with fun frameworks such as jQuery, Bootstrap, Knockout.js. Ken's embedded experiences really shine during web development, creating amazingly maintainable and fully interactive websites capable of running on an 80MHz ARM core server. When the project allows for a full OS backend he's been known to pick up PHP, Python, node.js and MySQL to flush out full 3-tiered web apps. Special attention to security and user input validation is always a top priority for Ken. When it's time to develop a mobile applications, Ken is deep into Xcode and iOS as well. After years of C programming, Objective-C was a dream come true. Ken's iOS apps range from fully configurable control panels, patient record review and editing, remote storage monitor and control or highly integrated photo processing apps. Ken has even developed a custom BlueTooth interface, including hardware and the app and going through Apple's MFI program. If a desktop application is required, Ken draws on .NET/C# to support the Windows side, Xcode/Objective-C for OSX and nearly anything required for Linux. For installation Ken loves using Innos on Windows and the tried and true DMG for OSX. For the trifecta of platform conformance, Ken once had the privilege of writing a USB driver DLL in .NET, capable of running on 32 or 64-bit systems and would work on Windows, OSX and Linux without recompilation. While the .NET portion was just a wrapper, all of the marshaling had to be done to the respective portions of platform specific code. The result though was a single DLL capable of being used on Windows natively, or with Mono on Linux/OSX. For the Loyal Linux Lovers, Ken has been hacking away at the Kernel since 2.4 days. His Linux work includes porting embedded Linux to custom platforms, writing device drivers or even applications.
Michael DenneyMichael DenneySoftware Engineer
Michael started with Infinetix in 2006 and has over fifteen years experience in embedded firmware design. He specializes in bare metal microcontroller designs. With a degree in Computer Engineering he has the advantage of knowing both the hardware and software sides of any project. This is very helpful in designing firmware that communicates with or controls other hardware components. He has worked with a variety of different microcontrollers, including PIC, ARM7, ARM M0, ARM M3, Renesas, and others. He has extensive knowledge of all the standard communication protocols (I2C, SPI, RS232, RS485/422). Michael has written several C# applications and device drivers. He enjoys programming for a PC where it feels like you have unlimited resources, as compared to a small microcontroller. He also has a background in industrial design, where he programmed and installed PLC systems for saw mill operations. He loves working at Infinetix, with its family friendly working environment. As an Idaho native he love the outdoors and spends his free time in the woods or on the lake.
Carey BosticCarey BosticDirectorSoftware Engineer
Carey has a diverse background in software development and information technologies (IT). Here at Infinetix, he has focused primarily on ARM/OMAP based embedded firmware solutions. Since coming to Infinetix in 2006, he has been the lead engineer for a multi-disciplinary development project for an environmental control system for an industry leader in produce storage systems. He also contributes as senior software engineer on several projects developing embedded real-time solutions for the collection of metering data for a world leader in electric, gas, and water utility metering systems. The embedded solutions are developed in C/C++ on a variety of platforms including Timesys and MontaVista embedded Linux and other RTOS solutions like eCos and Evolution (Lantronix). For those solutions requiring user interface and control, web based applications are developed using AJAX (JavaScript, HTML, and JSON). Smart phone/mobile apps are developed for Android devices using the Android SDK. He is also an excellent resource that helps Infinetix provide unmatched expertise in clinical blood chemistry analyzer technology to market leaders in diagnostic technologies. Before coming to Infinetix, he held Network/IT Manager positions in mid-size physician practices to large healthcare systems. He also has database experience ranging from system development and interfacing to data extraction, reporting, and analysis.
Peter Van DorenPeter Van DorenDirectorElectrical Engineer
Peter has over twenty years experience in electronics and electrical engineering design, specializing in FPGA/ASIC implementation and Digital Signal Processing. Peter has a broad range of experience in networking, wireless communications, system interfaces and military applications. FPGA/ASIC experience include the full breath of Altera and Xilinx products and tools, as well as several ASIC, SOC's and full custom IC's with Toshiba, NEC, ST, Altera Hardcopy, and TSMC foundries. DSP experience includes Filtering (IIR,FIR), Modulation/Demodulation, FFT, DFT and CORDIC (Sin/Cos) Algorithms. Peter started his own Company, SciAxis Consulting, Inc. in 2003, and sub-contracted his company's services to Infinetix for over 2 years before joining Infinetix as a part owner in 2006. Previously He spent over 7 years as a Design Engineer /Sr. Design Engineer doing full custom DSP's for LOGIC Devices, Inc., as well as 3 years with Aperto Networks working on 802.16 WiMAX products. Peter has been a director of Infinetix since 2006.
Andrew UrhausenAndrew UrhausenSoftware Engineer
Andrew started his professional career with Infinetix in 2006 as an intern and becoming a full time employee in 2007. His expertise and passion are in software development. Here at Infinetix he has worked for an industry leader in produce storage implementing a web-based user interface for an environmental control system. This included work on configuring and maintaining a kiosk style touch screen control panel. He also contributes in development of embedded solutions for a world leader in electric, gas, and water utility meter systems as well as test tools for testing and development of these systems. The web-based solutions are developed using AJAX (JavaScript, HTML, and JSON). The kiosk was configured to run lighter-weight linux distributions (NimbleX, Ubuntu 10.04 for Netbook) and was customized to fit the needs of a touch screen interface as well as run specialized applications. The majority of embedded work that Andrew has performed has been developed in C/C++ for embedded Linux-based platforms (Timesys, MontaVista) as well as other RTOS platforms (eCos, Lantronix's Evolution). He has also developed tools to assist not only with development but also for field diagnostics of these embedded solutions using C#. Andrew has also contributed work into a Smart Phone application for Android devices using Java and the Android SDK. Through his various projects with Infinetix he has learned and expanded his knowledge of a variety of programming languages and skills. These skills have been included interacting with different Integrated Development Environments (IDE) which include Visual Studio, Eclipse, and Eclipse derivatives (TimeStorm, Android ADT) to help in the development process.
Philip MalthanerPhilip MalthanerTechnician
Experienced at: Designing, building, debugging and repairing electronic circuits and electro-mechanical assemblies. Designing, 3D Modeling and fabrication of mechanical parts and assemblies. Building and debugging prototype electronic and electro-mechanical products and test equipment.
Doug SnookDoug SnookElectrical Engineer
Doug has over thirty years of experience in electronics design, the majority as an R&D engineer and project manager at Hewlett Packard and Agilent Technologies, working on various aspects of wireless test instrument development. At Infinetix since 2011, Doug gets great satisfaction working with the Infinetix team to provide creative solutions to our customers' problems. Doug's primary engineering focus is in field programmable gate array (FPGA) design, using Verilog, VHDL, and System Verilog code-based methodologies to implement control logic, interface circuitry, and digital signal processing algorithms in application specific and reconfigurable hardware. His FPGA/ASIC background includes extensive usage of Xilinx and Altera FPGAs as well as involvement in gate array and standard cell ASIC designs. Doug also has experience in general hardware design (digital, microprocessor, RF, analog), as well as breadth and depth in systems engineering, instrumentation development, and project management. In addition to his responsibilities at Infinetix, Doug enjoys helping to train the next generation of engineers as an adjunct professor at Gonzaga University, teaching digital logic and FPGA design in the computer engineering department.
JD ScottJD ScottSoftware Engineer
JD’s career experience has roots in Information Technology (IT). While studying Computer Information Systems at EWU, he began an internship at Infinetix, developing embedded, web-based applications, three-tiered web applications, and Linux distribution customization. After becoming a full-time employee with Infinetix in 2011, JD applied skills learned at EWU while taking part in the development of enterprise level .NET services that utilize multiple, high-availability database backends. At the other end of the spectrum, he has gained experience developing embedded applications using ARM Cortex, Lantronix, and other MCUs. Somewhere in the middle of the software engineering continuum - between enterprise level services and embedded devices - JD has experience authoring Linux kernel modules, including implementing platform device support.
Tom KelloggTom KelloggElectrical Engineer
Tom worked for Buchanan Automation, a distributor of industrial pneumatic equipment, from 2005 to 2009. He was a technical sales representative working in both the Seattle and the Bay Area. He returned to school in 2010 to pursue his degree in electrical engineering. While attending school he gained an internship with Itron where he did product testing. Upon completion of the internship with Itron, he began an internship at Infinetix where he continued to work in the area of product testing. After becoming a full-time employee with Infinetix in 2013, Tom applied the skills learned at EWU to electronic troubleshooting and designing hardware. He has also begun working with the WirelessHART protocol.